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PDO (Polydioxanone)

What are PDO Threads?

PDO (Polydioxanone) Threads are hypodermic needles peloaded with an absorbable suture.  It is a synthetic suture composed of polydioxanone.  PDO sutures are some of the safest materials to be implanted in the body.  In fact, PDO sutures re used to perform cardiothoracic surgery (such as in open- heart surgery).

In aesthetics, PDO threads are used for non-surgical collagenesis (collagen building), lifting sagging skin, and rejuvenation of skin by improving on skin texture, fine lines and elasticity.

How do PDO threads work?

The PDO thread is inserted into the skin.  The PDO thread stays beneath the skin when removing the needle.  Over a period of 4-6 months the thread is fully absorbed by hydrolysis and doesn’t create any scar tissue. The foreign body stimulates collagen synthesis and the skin structure created will hold for another 12 to 15 months (depending on amount of threads used and heaviness of skin), resulting in a lifted rejuvenated appearance in your skin.

Are PDO threads right for me?

It is important to discuss your own concerns with your provider prior to any treatment/ procedure.  However, if your concerns are loose sagging skin then PDO threads may be an option for you.

PDO threads offer an alternative to retaining a younger, healthy “V” shape that is often lost with ageing of tissues and the action of gravity as the “V” shape diminishes or inverts.  The use of PDO threads, will either create a scaffolding to support the tissues and keep them in the “V” shape or where necessary to delicately lift the tissues and reposition the skin to recreate the “V” shape where it has been lost.

PDO threads can also be the the best procedure for the neck and jawline.  Although PDO threads can be inserted almost anywhere, one area wher they are especially effective is the neck and jawline.  The lower third of the face is challenging to treat effectively with botulinum toxin or injectable fillers, which are most effective in the upper and middle third of the face, respectively.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time can vary from patient to patient, and the extent of the treatment being done but most treatments can be done within an 1 hour to 1-1/2 hour.

Will there be pain with PDO threads?

A topical and local anesthetic will be used prior to treatment.  Most patients report minimal but tolerable discomfort but are content with how quickly the procedure is done that any discomfort becomes trivial.

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